Girls Get Concussions Too

comso_concussion_shepelavyFemale athletes face an even greater risk for head injuries than men do. Then doctors and coaches brush off their symptoms as hormonal mood swings. It’s time do something about it.

Cosmopolitan, August 2014

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 Like Father, Like Son

washingtonian_ptsd_shepelavyLogan Pearce never saw the Humvee his dad blew up in. So how did he catch his father’s PTSD?

Washingtonian, June, 2014

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 Why Have 46,500 Women in the Military Been Sexually Assaulted?

mst1No, not by hostile enemies—by their own fellow service members. Panayiota Bertzikis can’t accept that. She’s making sure everyone finally does right by our troops.

Glamour, July 2013

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 How Far Would You Go to Save a Baby?

infant_th1It’s a shocking fact: Roughly 28,000 American newborns won’t make it to their first birthday this year. But four women – and the entire city of Memphis – can’t accept that. They’re fighting back, and it’s working.

Glamour, June 2012

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 150 Miles

running_thumb2What happens when completing a marathon isn’t enough? Meet a woman willing to challenge her limits and confront every inner demon as she chases the ultimate runner’s high.

Self, October 2010

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 A prescription for cancer

tanning_thumbIt’s a trend that is beyond the pale: doctors sending patients to tanning beds to treat minor ailments, even though indoor rays are a known trigger for melanoma. In a sea of misinformation, learn how to protect your skin–and maybe your life.

Self, June 2011

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 When Self Help Harms

Kirby Brown wanted what we all seek—love, success and purpose. But the retreat she hoped would change her life wound up ending it.

Self, August 2010

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 Private Dwyer’s Last Breath

The first hero of the war on terror, he survived 92 days of the most intense fighting in Iraq only to die five years later in North Carolina. What killed him? A can of Dust-Off.

Details, August 2009

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 To Catch a Thief

Bob Wittman has recovered more than $100 million in stolen art and artifacts, thrown dozens of violent criminals behind bars, and protected the cultural heritage of half a dozen countries. So why does he think he’s going to Hell?

Philadelphia Magazine, March 2005

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 How far would you go for a cure?

Fed up with delays in stem cell research, injured Americans are risking everything to travel overseas for untested new treatments.

Self, March 2008

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